March 12th, 2013

Our next show for Telegraph, premiering April 5th, is GALAXY - a show about the wonders of space and our relationship with them.

Kris MukaiDeth P. SunJoe Van WeteringIasmin Omar AtaSean MorrisAnthony ClarkPriscilla WilsonDerek M. Ballard (his website is typically NSFW), Jess LaVecchiaJacob LivengoodLacey Micallef aka Lulinternet, and Julian Callos

As usual, the crew at Industry Print Shop in Austin, TX will be taking care of turning these artists’ awesome works into beautiful, top quality screen printed works of art. 

Prints from our first show, MONSTROUS, are still available here while supplies last!

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    my supercool roomie iasmin is in this, check it out!!!!!!!!!!
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    Making the wonders of SPACE more accessible to everyone!
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