April 8th, 2014


The latest issue of Descant Magazine, #164,  is devoted to comics. Here’s a sample page from my contribution, an 8-page Machine Gum strip.

The issue features comics from David Collier, Maurice Vellekoop, Ethan Rilly, Kara Kievewright, Michael DeForge, Fiona Smyth, Chris Kuzma, John Martz, Georgia Webber, Gillian Goerz and Mariko Tamaki, Henriette Valium, Betty Liang, Shannon Gerard, Julie Delporte, Pascal Girard, Mark Laliberte, Michael Comeau, Marc Bell, Amy Lockheart, Ginette Lapalme, David Lapp, Patrick Kyle, Jesse Jacobs, and Conor Willumsen.

Not a bad lineup.

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April 6th, 2014


Eddie Murphy at the ‘Purple Rain’ premiere when asked what he thought about the film
July 27 ‘84

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